I haven’t posted much here this week, buuut…

I’ve spent a lot of the week thinking about my eating, and I’ve decided to mostly avoid meat and dairy, but that if I have a hankering for something I’m not going to not eat it.

I spent this morning at the gym (working out, then a swim) and then as I came out I saw that it was Leeds Loves Food in Millennium Square.  Obv I love food, and this was FREE, so I mooched on in, had a few samples, and spent like £20.  Worth it though… spinach and feta pie, vegetable bruschetta, 4 bars of handmade fudge, a bottle of Maman Blanc olive oil and an apron too!! Anyone who has had the misfortune to watch a Raymond Blanc TV show with me knows just how much I love him.  The apron is super cute, burgundy with a gold stitched logo on the front.

It also meant I found out about Brasserie Blanc, which is apparently by the canal in Leeds.  How I never knew about this place I do not know, but now I’m super psyched to visit!

Now I’m going to sit in the sunshine with a book and possibly some fudge.  What a wonderful day :)