I feel really shitty today and I felt really shitty yesterday and I hate it because I love Christmas but it makes me feel so horrendously overwhelmed.

Cannot wait to finish work tomorrow and just breathe. I want to get everything done tonight so I don’t have to do anything tomorrow except eat and drink.

I just spent like fucking forever trying to park between two cars in this massive space outside my house, and got all huffy and left it a bit wonky because I really couldn’t be bothered any more, and then two minutes after getting in the house someone came and drove the car behind mine away. Sigh.

Introvert feelings coming on strong. Now I remember why I usually just get wasted at parties.

I made this fucking massive sausage & stuffing roll that actually tastes quite nice, so I think it’s safe to share with others, and got some alcopops too and now I’m going to jazz up my face and PARTY FOR CHRISTMAAAAS.

Thinking of taking a break from tumblr because I can’t really be bothered right now but them there are people on here I really like to see on my dash so agh I dunno.

Pizza, Saltaire Blonde and Muppet Christmas Carol. Excellent evening.

Just spent like twelve quid on really sensible car stuff (a sponge, de-icer, a squeegee etc). Drew the line at a cherry air freshener. I feel old.

Got my car and it’s so lovely and I just drove myself home from my parents’ house so I feel super proud of myself eeee. And then I’m gonna go pick Chris up from work and I am trying to decide whether I’m brave enough to put some music on while I drive…

I wasn’t gonna wear any makeup today because all I’m doing is going to pick the car up but there’s so many babes on my dash I feel like I should make an effort…

Bought a car, eeeeek. So excited to pick it up next week!

Home, bra off, jimjams on, wine in fridge, bit of online Christmas shopping and then sausage & mash for tea. Laaaaavely.

I started reading Hyperbole and a Half at work in my lunch break and I’m finding myself doing that weird snort-choke thing where you’re trying not to laugh out loud. This book is great.

I went to look at cars today and the most eventful thing that happened was putting my hand on a freshly painted blue railing because there was no “wet paint” sign. 

(But at least the guy gave me a cloth to wipe it off.)

I am not good at finding cars so if someone could just get me one and bring it to my house that would be excellent.

Finding out that a guy I had a bit of a thing with years ago is married feels really weird, but then I remember that I’m married and it’s like “hahaha…oh yeah”

Today is really long and boring but I just had a McDonald’s for dinner so that makes it a little bit better. If the weather stays fine I’ll go for a run later too, that always helps to shake off the fug of a rubbish day. Like I don’t mind my job but there are days like today where it just feels so damn slow and repetitive and blahhhh.