fuckyeahchubbygirls is disgusting.

why promote being overweight and a slave to food?

people talk shit about pro ana and pro mia?

haha i’d rather be underweight than overweight any day.

actually, if i WAS overweight, i would probably kill myself.  not that fat people should… i personally would do so. 

Oh, sweetness.

Chubby/overweight does not indicate being a slave to food.  Having an eating disorder (be that anorexia, bulimia or compulsive eating) indicates being a slave to food.  

Fuckyeahchubbygirls was set up to boost the self esteem of those whom society deems to be unattractive based on size.  It’s not intended to support unhealthy lifestyles.

Posting things like this, I’d say you really need to take a good hard look at your priorities.